Powering the Future of Diagnostics: QSRs & GxP Compliance for Partnering with Pharma & Beyond

As pharmaceutical companies are incorporating companion diagnostics as part of their regulated submission, they are also partnering with diagnostics companies to incorporate their tests as critical steps in drug development and clinical trials. Increasingly, pharma are developing more targeted therapies and treatments, and need access to tools that can help them stratify patients for clinical trials. Next-generation sequencing-based assays and panels are now used in oncology to select patient candidates for participation in clinical trials focused on various cancer subtypes as well as for assessing prognosis and likelihood of recurrence. As a result, pharma needs diagnostic partners that can provide access to large quantities of clinco-genomic data that can be used for their regulated processes.

This white paper explores how the DNAnexus Platform enables
researchers and clinicians to focus on their genomic analyses while
complying with the ever-increasing regulations, laws and industry
expectations for security, privacy and quality.


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