Myriad Genetics: Precision Medicine Requires Scalable Data Sharing, Data Protection

Myriad Genetics’ Precise Treatment Registry offers the data access and safeguards needed to spur clinical innovation

Today’s precision health data is multimodal in nature and massive in volume. To maximize the potential of this data, organizations must be able to ingest, harmonize, and integrate data at scale while also ensuring that data privacy and security standards are maintained.

Overcoming these challenges opens the door to new possibilities for organizations invested in precision medicine, enabling advanced scientific data analysis and faster time-to-insight for researchers.

Myriad Genetics, a leading genetic testing and precision
medicine company, and DNAnexus, a leading platform for secure, scalable, and cloudbased bioinformatics data analysis, are working together to move in this direction. 

“Data is the key to gaining more understanding. We realized that our data could provide significant benefits to our customers, partners, and to the field in general, if delivered in a safe, usable manner.” 
— Thomas P. Slavin, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Myriad Genetics

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