Build vs. Buy & How to Move Your Genomic and RNA-seq Data to the Cloud with Confidence.

With the explosion of genomics and other omics data, existing bioinformatics systems may struggle under the size and complexity of the data. Additionally, it's hard and expensive to keep a system up-to-date and optimized, while also trying to stay ahead of new technologies.These challenges bring technical leaders back to the long-standing debate of whether to build a bioinformatics system in-house or buy from a vendor. Technical leaders are expected to identify cost-efficient and scalable solutions that balance the enterprise's immediate needs with its long-term growth. Is your bioinformatics system ready for the challenge?

This Whitepaper Includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of the Build vs. Buy debate based on an organizations needs and expectations
  • Worksheet: Is your bioinformatics system ready for the omics explosion?
  • The lure and limits of doing-it-yourself (DIY) and a checklist if you plan to go down that path
  • What to look for in a partner if considering investing in a comprehensive, extensible platform
  • Case Study: A life sciences corporation's dilemma to build or buy


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