Accessible, End-to-End Precision Health Data Analysis for Biotech and Pharma

How BigOmics® and DNAnexus® Partner to Provide Seamless Omics Solutions

Advances in computing and sequencing technology have brought the cost of sequencing down from millions of dollars to just hundreds of dollars. The resulting growth in the omics data volume represents an exponential increase in potential scientific and business value. However, efficiently and effectively realizing the full value of these data remains a widespread challenge, resulting in lost time, money, and resources and delaying the delivery of new therapies to market.

Better Together: Omics Playground by BigOmics® + DNAnexus® Precision Health Data Platform

Omics Playground is a collaborative analysis platform that allows bioinformaticians and biologists to share data and insights interactively. The platform aims to accelerate tertiary analyses, reduce the time bioinformaticians spend on routine tasks, and allow biologists to interact with the data from their experiments and collaborate more efficiently. It standardizes the omics data analysis process and delivers robust and reproducible results.

DNAnexus®, the data cloud for precision health, facilitates secure management, access and interrogation of multimodal, multi-omics data, and makes internal and external collaboration easy for users of all technical backgrounds. From providing integrated R&D and production environments for national biobank initiatives or diagnostics companies to enabling clinical trials through robust trusted research environments for biopharma companies, DNAnexus® is catalyzing the precision medicine movement by simplifying the use of precision health data to accelerate scientific discoveries and deliver better patient care.

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