Pairing quality genomic data with longitudinal patient records

Sure, you’ve used claims and electronic health records in your research. But have you ever explored linking phenotypic and genomic or other -omic data to assess the full view of the patient journey? In this fireside chat with experts from Optum Life Sciences and DNAnexus, learn how longitudinal, linked data sets enable life sciences companies to discover new druggable targets, identify potential treatment populations, understand the genetic testing landscape and barriers to access, and more. We’ll aim to:

  • Discuss how to overcome challenges related to integrating disparate data sets and build an infrastructure that enables unprecedented scale
  • Demonstrate, in real time, how linked data sets can address a variety of impactful questions ranging from health equity to the prescribing of therapies
  • Provide a forward-looking perspective of the role of integrated, longitudinal data sets in precision medicine

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