Accelerating Your PacBio Workflows with DNAnexus and Sentieon

Genome sequencing and analysis allow researchers to decode the functional information hidden in DNA sequences as well as to study cell to cell variation within a cell population. Traditionally, the primary bottleneck in genomic analysis pipelines has been the sequencing itself, which has been much more expensive than the computational analyses that follow. However, an important consequence of the continued drive to expand the throughput of sequencing platforms at lower cost is that often the analytical pipelines are struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of raw data produced. Computational cost and efficiency have thus become of ever increasing importance. 

Join PacBio, Sentieon and DNAnexus to learn:

  • How you can accelerate your workflows with a scalable infrastructure, using powerful variant calling algorithms to process and analyze massive genomic datasets in a few hours versus days.
  • How to enhance data security and privacy by ensuring that sensitive genomic data remains protected throughout the entire analysis process.
  • How to combine disparate datasets to better equip professionals with the tools they need to decipher individual genomic profiles and deliver targeted treatments, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and a more efficient healthcare system
The partnership between DNAnexus, PacBio and Sentieon represents an exciting convergence of innovation and expertise, allowing researchers and clinicians to unlock the full potential of genomic data, leading to a future where precision medicine is at the forefront of patient care.

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