Life Sciences and healthcare organizations who are adopting powerful NGS genomics data analysis face important challenges. They need to process and manage voluminous and complex omics data, while also ensuring that they have a secure, scalable, and flexible platform that supports product growth. Building this infrastructure requires significant financial investment and a lengthy development process.

In this webinar, featured presenter, Clint Valentine, Sr. Director of Data Sciences from TwinStrand Biosciences, will share how TwinStrand developed technology for detecting ultra-low frequency genetic variants, not possible by conventional methods, using a modern cloud-based data analysis platform. Learn how TwinStrand overcame the “needle in a haystack” dilemma for those that routinely analyze billions of raw reads across various application areas including genetic toxicology, oncology, and cell therapy. Topics covered include:

  • Challenges and opportunities of using Low Frequency and Rare Variants in Personalized Medicine
  • Ways to significantly speed up turnaround time for faster scientific discovery and optimized speed-to-market
  • Considerations in using modern technology to meet robust data security and privacy requirements, as well as resource management concerns

Clint Valentine

Senior Director of Data Sciences, TwinStrand Biosciences

Clint Valentine is responsible for the software products that TwinStrand releases which leverage TwinStrand’s core Duplex Sequencing™️ Technology as well as all analytical professional services and computational research and development activity. Over the course of his career, he has developed innovative NGS methods that are currently disrupting the fields of cancer minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring and genetic toxicology. He embodies a “science and people first” approach to new application development and is passionate about discoveries related to the early initiating events of cancer as well as modern software development and its utility for improving human health outcomes.

Darren Ames

Director of Solution Science, DNAnexus

Over 20 years of experience in bioinformatics in ever expanding roles working with clinical diagnostic organizations to achieve success through greater efficiency, flexibility and market reach using cloud technology.  Currently, Director of Solutions Science focused on Clinical Diagnostics for DNAnexus. Recent studies have been published in Nature, American Journal of Human Genetics and American Journal of the Medical Informatics Association. MS, Genome Sciences, University of Arizona.

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