Learn how sharing open data in the cloud lets you spend more time on data analysis rather than data acquisition.

Join scientists from the FDA, AWS and DNAnexus to learn about how to port open datasets to DNAnexus, PrecisionFDA, and the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform in real time! After a brief discussion of data reproducibility and collaboration on the precisionFDA platform by Wenming Xiao from the FDA, AWS and DNAnexus experts will walk you through how to access open public data from ODP-ADX, discuss how to automatically compare checksums, and elaborate on scientific and technical considerations behind data integration. Demonstrated examples including the seqc2 dataset and integration of other datasets within the UKBRAP platform will be shown. 

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Erin Chu, DVM, Ph.D.

Life Sciences Lead, Open Data at Amazon Web Services

Trained to bridge the gap between the clinic and the lab, Erin is a veterinarian and a molecular geneticist, and prior to her time at AWS, worked in the companion animal genomics space. She is dedicated to helping speed time to science through interdisciplinary collaboration, communication, and learning.

Wenming Xiao, Ph.D.

Lead Bioinformatics Scientist, Office of Oncologic Diseases, Office of New Drugs, Center of Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Xiao had advanced training in biology and computer science. Dr Xiao was a principal investigator in FDA and led an international working group to establish reference materials, data sets, analysis pipelines, and quality metrics for cancer mutation detection with NGS technology. Currently, Dr. Xiao is a lead bioinformatics scientist at Office of Oncologic Diseases, Office of New Drugs, Center of Drug Evaluation and Research.

Omar Serang

Chief Cloud Officer at DNAnexus

Omar Serang is responsible for driving product roadmaps and managing compliance and integration efforts that enable enterprise customers to deploy the DNAnexus platform. Previously, he formed the Enterprise Cloud Transformation consulting practice at AWS. In this role, he designed and deployed cloud architectures for Fortune 100 customers. Mr. Serang has also served in senior operations positions at Topsy Labs, Cloudmark, and Critical Path. Mr. Serang is the DNAnexus general manager of precisionFDA and designed the precisionFDA Common Data Model Harmonization implementation, which enables healthcare data partners to securely submit patient electronic health records as HL7 FHIR bundles in response to FDA public health queries. Mr. Serang is also a member of the FDA Reference Materials for Cancer Mutation Detection research group led by Dr. Wenming Xiao.

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