Ultragenyx: Overcoming Technological Challenges to Fast-Track R&D

As Ultragenyx scaled its R&D efforts, leadership recognized a need for a more streamlined way to unlock the power of multi-omics data to accelerate their discovery process. The small bioinformatics department is responsible for supporting all research and clinical initiatives for the entire company, running analytical pipelines and
sharing analysis data back to those researchers for computationally-demanding data analyses including: variant calling from whole-exome and whole genome sequencing, RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, nanopore sequencing, and assembling genomes. Competing
priorities and concurrent analyses resulted in long compute queues and backlogs, creating bottlenecks in the R&D process. The head of the bioinformatics department knew he needed a way to simplify and
automate these highly technical and computationally-heavy analyses to reduce turnaround time, and make it easier for researchers to run specific analyses. 

Read this case study to discover how Ultragenyx  was able to take advantage of cloud infrastructure to streamline data analysis and experience dramatic improvements in turnaround time and computing costs. 

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