With a Scalable Cloud Foundation, City of Hope’s POSEIDON Powers a Sea Change in Personalized Cancer Care

City of Hope’s research informatics team, led by Samir Courdy, Senior Vice President of Informatics, significantly expanded its capabilities through a scalable cloud-based precision oncology system built on the DNAnexus technology stack. This foundation was designed to support cutting-edge clinical research and precision medicine by empowering scientists and clinicians to explore and analyze omics and clinical data in a unified data and analysis environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Robust biomarker protocol allows for uniform analysis of samples collected at multiple clinical trial sites
  • Cloud-based solution enables reports to be accessible from anywhere with appropriate permissions
  • Analysis pipeline can be locked down for standardized analysis and reporting
  • Secure and compliant environment streamlines clinical trial design and implementation and provides a detailed audit trail for regulators
  • Sophisticated biomarker analysis workflow slashes timelines from three days to less than two hours

Download this case study to learn more.

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