Early detection can save lives. But have you ever explored linking phenotypic and genomic or other -omic data to assess the full view of the patient journey?

In this on-demand webinar, experts from Genetic Technologies and DNAnexus discuss how combining genetic and clinical data to categorize a person’s risk of developing a disease is changing the field of personalized predictive genetics. The speakers will discuss:
  • Overcoming challenges related to integrating disparate data sets and building a lab-agnostic infrastructure so sample data can be funneled anywhere, without the need for a wet lab, enabling unprecedented scale.
  • How an integrated risk assessment platform for multiple cancers, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases delivers clinically actionable results to empower physicians and patients to proactively manage health.
  • Provide a forward-looking perspective on the role of validated tests in making personalized, predictive healthcare a reality.

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Erika Spaeth Tuff, PhD

Director of Clinical & Scientific Affairs, Genetic Technologies (GT)

Erika Spaeth is responsible for the development of GT's clinical content and clinical rationale for GTG products. She has wide experience in the high complexity laboratory space from assay development to regulatory oversight of laboratory developed tests in oncology, infectious disease, and inherited disease. Her postdoctoral training was completed at MD Anderson Cancer Center where she focused on the role of the microenvironment in tumor progression. 

Carl Stubbings

Chief Commercial Officer, GT

Carl Stubbings has considerable experience commercializing diagnostic products, both locally and globally. More recently, he has assisted multiple Australian biotech companies with their commercialization strategies. Stubbings has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in medical technology from the Queensland University of Technology.

John Penn

Solution Science Director, DNAnexus

John Penn is an expert in the cloud-based computational analysis of genomic data. He has spent over 20 years in bioinformatics in expanding roles in academic medical research, clinical diagnostics, pharma, and extensive work at the Regeneron Genetics Center, where he achieved success through greater efficiency, flexibility and market reach using cloud technology.

Sam Stein

SVP, Global Marketing, DNAnexus

Sam Stein leads marketing at DNAnexus and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy and execution. Stein brings a wealth of experience defining go-to-market strategies in enterprise software, with a specific focus on life sciences and healthcare IT. He holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University.

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