The City of Hope Center for Precision Medicine has designed and implemented technology solutions to overcome the challenges that are ubiquitous to all healthcare and academic research institutions.  To that end City of Hope created an enterprise-wide data lake technology platform and precision medicine program called POSEIDON (Precision Oncology Software Environment Interoperable Data Ontologies Network).  By combining patient data with comprehensive molecular profiling and proprietary analytics, City of Hope is now able to deliver patient-specific insights based on real world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE). Join us to learn about City of Hope’s novel methods for producing Oncology Insights in a secure cloud-based environment and combining clinico-genomic data along with public data sources.

Samir Courdy

Chief Informatics Officer, City of Hope

Samir has over 24 years in cancer Informatics. In his current role he is responsible for architecting and delivering innovative solutions to enhance clinical, basic, translational, and population science research in the areas of informatics, bioinformatics, precision medicine, and RWD and RWE in order to improve research data quality, and business development. He co-leads the Precision Medicine Initiative Analytics and Data Networks. He has served as the CRIO at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and currently as SVP, Chief Informatics Officer at COH. Samir has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and an Executive MBA, from the University of Utah.

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